Working on my comeback

2012 is in the books, and triathlon wise the year definitely wasn’t a good one. My stress-fracture in the medial sesamoid-bone kept me away from training for most of the year, and away from running in exactly 53 weeks.

The complexity of this injury didn’t become clear to me or my team of doctors until far too late in the season, and had I known from the start what I know now about the injury I would have done many things different. But that is life – we learn, live and move on.

Training now is going well, but after almost 12 months of break there is a need to be very delicate about everything and building slowly into the rhytm of training every day again.

Since new year I have been a couple of weeks in Fuerteventura using the Playitas resort as my base, and last week was spent in the area around Nice in southern France training with one of the athletes whom I coach. Finally this week I’m in Austria doing some XC skiing to get a bit of adversity in the training.

As for my racing schedule this year I definitely have some plans, but I will wait and see how the training progresses and race when I’m fit. There is always a race to be found somewhere…

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