Update from winter training camp in Lanzarote

I am almost at the end of winter training camp in Club La Santa and I have been putting in a ton of work down here. At first I was preparing to race in Abu Dhabi on March 15th for the big money race they have, but unfortunately I was unable to get an entry into the race as they suddenly were at full capacity for their pro entries.

Since there was no way I was getting to the start line in AD we decided to ease back on the run training to give my Achilles some more rest, as it wasn’t fully recovered after the issues I had around IM Western Australia. Things are definitely moving in the right direction right now, but my main focus for this year is not until October and I will do everything possible to be as well prepared as I can when I toe the line in Kona. That also means taking care of any issues now, when there is still plenty of time. I am still not qualified for Kona, but my victory from Ironman Japan has put me a long way towards the qualification and I intend to secure the last points needed by racing (at least) 3 Ironman 70.3 races during spring and summer. Hopefully those points will also be able to put me on the start line for 70.3 World Champs in Canada as well, as that is a second goal for me this year.

I already have a few races on my mind that I want to do this year, but generally we will plan as the year goes. I’ll race when I’m fit and ready to run for the win, but a few of the races that a certainly in my mind is 70.3 Aarhus where I can race for Kona points a short 100km drive away from home and 70.3 Racine where I will be returning as the current champion. Other than that we are looking at different options to get those points needed.

My camp here in Club La Santa has been really good. CLS offers perfect conditions for putting in the training while weather in Europe is tough. I have had good company during my camp from both the Danish National team and some of my AG athletes that I coach. I also had Mette come down here for 2 weeks, and we used the rest days to go around the island and see some of the things that I ride by every day.

2014-02-24 14.09.45