Training camp in Mallorca as preparation for Ironman 70.3 St George

It is nearly time to kick of the 2014 season, and by this time next Sunday I’ll be somewhere between Seattle and Las Vegas enroute to the first race of the year. The race is 70.3 St George, and between now and the first cut off for the Kona qualification this is the highest scoring 1/2 Ironman on the circuit. Expect the racing to be fast…

I have slowly been building on my run in the last couple of months, but it is still a work in progress in order to avoid making any more damage on those Achilles tendons. Hence I have had a lot of focus on my bike, and since Mallorca is like paradise on a bike and the weather has been the best Easter weather ever this has been the perfect combination.

Looking back through my data over the last year or so, all my best efforts are made within the last few weeks and months. This picture from my SRM training log pretty much sums up the work I have been putting in on the bike over the last weeks.

camp mallorca srm

There is just one more day of pretty easy training left before the girl and I are heading back home. We have had a perfect stay in the Ferrer hotels here in Mallorca, and I feel very much ready to take on the world class field in St. George…

Train safe!