Playitas, Fuerteventura

Hi there…


I’m sitting in front of the sportsbar in Playitas looking at the finishline for tomorrows “Challenge Fuerteventura”. I’m obviously not racing, as I’m still trying to recover from the stress-fracture that has been bothering me for exactly 16 weeks today.

It has been 16 weeks of frustration, hope, disappointment and lots of time to think. Injuries suck!

I wish that I could write about good news from Fuerteventura, but reality is that the injury is not healing as fast we hope for. After my last camp in Playitas I kept 8 weeks away from cycling to see if that made the difference, and the foot also got a lot better. Then last week, back here in Playitas, I started biking slowly again. The result was, that my foot started hurting again, so now I’m back to only swimming!

We are constantly looking into new things to do to speed up the recovery, but for now I’m just sticking to recovery in a warm climate, so I’m staying down here for maybe up to another month!

Cheers, stay safe and injury-free!


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