Platelet Rich Plasma treatment

I just wiped out my entire summer race schedule including the races that I needed to put me on the start line for Ironman Hawaii in October. I have been dealing with Achilles issues on and off for the last 12 months, and now the frustration of not being able to get in a decent training block without any issues got to me and I decided that it is time to take a break and get back to a healthy body. During the last 12 months I have had 2 rounds of HVI treatment and several blocks of 4-8 weeks without running. I actually managed to get 4 months of good, pain free running during this spring but right before my departure to St. George 70.3 the problems came back at full strength.

During the last year I have constantly been keeping fitness up from biking and swimming, knowing that I only need a few months of running before I can run really well and get those last points needed for Kona qualification. The pressure of going to Kona has been substantial, but the road to get there is very difficult if you don’t carry any points from a previous performance in Kona. I wanted to go this year, but more importantly I wanted to go and have a great race!

At this time, with the issues I am having this is no longer realistic, and a break with a focus only on rehabilitation seems like the only option. I don’t know when I will be able to return to racing, and potentially I will be out all year. The only thing I know is that right now I’m doing everything possible to recover and rebuild as fast as possible. This includes intensive treatments from physio therapy and a weekly drive to Copenhagen to have my PRP injections done in to the Achilles. The PRP injections consists of taking a blood sample from my arm and putting this through centrifugation in order to separate red and white blood cells and plasma. The plasma is then injected directly into the damaged tendon to boost healing. FYI this has nothing to do with blood doping, as it is only the blood plasma that is injected back in to me and the total volume injected is about 3 mL. Everything is done at the Team Denmark clinic in Brøndby.