JensenTri Coaching

I recently posted on my Facebook page that I had a few coaching spots opening up and that has lead me to write this blog entry where I will try explain why coaching is a very good idea for most triathletes and what it is I do when I am coaching athletes.

My group of athletes consists mostly of experienced athletes looking to really lift the bar and fulfill that dream of qualifying to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. During the 4 years I have been working as a coach I have seen tremendous results. I have several athletes transforming from an 11+ hrs Ironman to sub 9 hrs Ironman within two seasons of training and I have had athletes in Kona every year. But I also coach beginners who need the best possible setup in the quest for completing their first triathlon, whether this be an ironman or short distance triathlon. I coach both Age Group athletes and Pro. My fastest athlete has a personal best on the ironman distance of 8.13 and came just 58 seconds short of the overall win at Ironman Copenhagen 2013.


Anne has been working with my for just over one year. Recently she posted the fastest AG bike split of all female AG athletes at 70.3 Mallorca while also out-riding several pro athletes.


What do you get when work with me as your coach?

First of all you get dedication. I care about every single one of my athletes and it is my first priority to make you the best possible athlete you can be. But I also expect dedication from you.

You get a fully customized training plan with thorough description of each and every training session. This includes detailed swim programs.

You get access to the latest knowledge that is gained through my own career racing as a pro.

You get access to training sessions with me. This can either be in Denmark (you have to come to me) or you are always welcome to join me on one of my many training camps during the year.





Allan is the athlete I have been working with the longest. He recently qualified to Ironman Hawaii for the 3rd time, and the one year he didn’t race Hawaii he posted an 8:50 in Challenge Copenhagen to finish in top 10 overall.

Prices start from 1200 dkk/month and minimum commitment is 6 months.