IM Japan

Since my last blog entry a lot has happened. I won my first 70.3 race in Racine, Wisconsin, my website got hacked and was down for quite a while (thanks Henrik for fixing it!)

Last friday I travelled to Japan to prepare for the Ironman on the 31st. I haven’t done an Ironman since Hawaii 2010 so I’m obviously a bit excited about the race. We only decided a few weeks ago to do this race, so I haven’t done the usual block of training to prepare for the race but still my fitness should be good enough that I can have a decent result.

IM Japan is the first race that qualifies towards 2014 IM Hawaii and if I do well on Saturday this could be the only Ironman I have to do before October 2014.

No matter what, I look forward to the race on a tough and exciting course and to test myself on the full distance again.