There is still a few days left until Ironman Western Australia, but since so many people are wishing me good luck for the race I thought I would give some insight as to why I have decided not to race on Sunday.

It goes back to the injury I had that kept me out of the sport for all of 2012. After being sidelined for a full year I decided that there is no race worth risking my health over. No race is so important that I will take the risk of being unable to do what I love for such a long period of time again.

Does that mean I am injured again?

In the build up for Ironman Japan I started having some minor issues with my achilles tendons. Nothing major, and I did the race without any problems. After the race I had some easy weeks with treatments, strength training and when I got back in to training I was pain free in my achilles. Having won Japan put me at 2000 points in the rankings and also fulfilled the need of completing one Ironman to be eligible for racing at the Ironman Hawaii next year, so I didn’t need to do another full distance race to qualify. Still we decided to give IMWA a crack, as a decent result there would put me around the expected 3000 points needed for qualification which would give us more room to plan the best possible season in 2014.

Just around the time for my departure towards Australia I started to feel a little bit of pain in my achilles again, but hoping that the warm climate would do me good I took off anyway. During my stay in Australia things didn’t get any better, and since I don’t desperately need the points nor the Ironman finish it is better to step back and give the body some extra time to heal up for next season. I will plan next year around securing the points I need as early as possible through racing 70.3 races, and I’m confident that this will not be an issue for me.

Even though I would have loved to race in Busselton on Sunday against such a stacked field, I am super happy with the season I have had this year. Returning to the sport after a 54 week break from running through all of 2012 I am so proud that I am able to call my self an Ironman and Ironman 70.3 champion this year. Combined with my silver at Europeans after Javier Gomez I couldn’t have asked for any more this year. Going into 2014 I am so much better prepared than last year, and I look forward to all the challenges ahead of me.


The next week I’ll be relaxing at the beach, looking out for sharks…

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