2 months of silence

Spring is just around the corner and the 2012 season is just about to start. For a lot of people it already has started, and with some very interesting results!

I planned to race in 70.3 Panama last weekend – a race that Lance Armstrong chose as his comeback race – but unfortunately I am once again struggling with an injury.
This is my third stress fracture during my career and is obviously very frustrating. When you are recovering from a stress fracture, there is only one thing to do: patience. So I have been patient, and doing my best to avoid putting any stress to my injured foot.

Unlike last year, where I rushed from my injury to the first race of the season, I have decided to take a more slow approach this year, and give my body the time it needs to fully recover and rebuild from there.
Hopefully this means that I will be even stronger when I do toe the startline and hopefully this will also help me prevent injuries in the future.

So for now my plan is to get free of injury and rebuild fitness. I have some races that I do hope to do this year, but for now I will keep the plan to myself.

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